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Celebrate the Life of Nelson Mandela

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."      --- Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela passed away on Thursday evening, December 5, 2013, in South Africa. As the world mourns the passing of the former South African President, Nelson Mandela, let us remember that this time is more of a celebration than a time for weeping and grieving.
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Excerpt from Mandela's favorite poem, Invictus
It matters not how strait the gate,       How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate,       I am the captain of my soul

Rest if you Must.... But Don't You Quit!
“Hold your head high, stick your chest out. You can make it. It gets dark sometimes but morning comes. Keep hope alive. Don’t you surrender!  Suffering breeds faith. In the end faith will not disappoint.”                                        –Jesse Jackson, American civil rights activist,minister
As you read the quote by Rev. Jesse Jackson keep these verses in mind from 
James 1:2-4,   Read More

Harry Belafonte Wins NAACP's Springarn Medal

February 1, 2013 marks the arrival of Black History Month 2013 and the 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards. This year's awards show was  televised live on NBC and hosted by Blessings, himself, Steve Harvey (inside joke for SHMS listeners). The big winner of the night was Harry Belafonte, who was presented the Springarn Medal by longtime friend and fellow actor, Sidney Poitier. Since 1915, the Springarn Medal has been presented to an American of African decent who has exhibited the highest achievement in their chosen field.  Belafonte is an American singer, songwriter, actor and social activist.  Belafonte's career took off with the film Carmen Jones (1954). Soon after, he had several hits—"The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)" and "Jamaica Farewell." Throughout his career he has been an advocate for civil rights and humanitarian causes.  Despite the injustices that Belafonte has seen around the world, he still believes in man's basic humanity,  and has dedicated his…