A Treat for Atlanta-area Theater Goers

miss evers' boys EXTENDED through April 5, 2009!!!

This play was a 1992 Pulitzer Prize Nominee... It was written by David Feldshuh and is directed by Kenny Leon

Starring Jasmine Guy, T.C. Carson & Eugene Lee at the

Southwest Arts Center
915 New Hope Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30331

According to the true colors theatre company's website... miss evers boys "is
an eye-opening drama about the Tuskegee Study, a scar on American history where 339 African-Americans were denied treatment for syphilis and deceived by the United States Public Health Service. Chronicled through the experiences of a nurse who attempts to aid four men in the study but is thwarted by self-serving doctors and Washington bureaucracy."

The play also features E. Roger Mitchell, Eric Little, Enoch King and Bart Hansard. The play's choreography was done by Patdro Harris and the music was composed by Dwight Andrews.

For more information on miss evers' boys or to find where to buy tickets click here to visit true colors.


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