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Who Do You Follow?

With all the popularity of Twitter, especially, as well as MySpace and Facebook, it has occurred to me recently that we spend many hours on the internet following the lives of others, most of whom we may not even know personally. On Twitter, people respond to me as @homegirlspace. ( Click Here to follow me on twitter)
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Reminder Cincinnati Go See America I Am Today!

AmericaI AM
The Current stop of the America I AM traveling exhibit continues to be Cincinnati at this time. The exhibit is scheduled to wind down on January 2, 2011 bound for its next destination. If you have seen the exhibit in Cincinnati this year, please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you. For more information on the exhibit which is currently being housed at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Ohio please see my earler post here for more information on the Exhibit itself and its presenter, Tavis Smiley, please see this post here or visit